How to do London in a Day

London is a great city but with it being such a big and ambitious tourist spot, organising a day trip can be tricky because there’s just so much to do. Our day out didn’t have a particular agenda; my sister and I simply wanted to go sight-seeing and have a casual, relaxed day. We decided on the places we wanted to visit and where we wanted to eat before devising a rough itinerary for the day. I enlisted the help of my sister and her ability to use Google Maps to organise what routes would be the easiest. If you are like me and aren’t very competent at following directions, lesson number one would be to plan what you want to do and where you want to eat beforehand. Instagram and Tripadvisor are great for finding popular and good locations to visit so do your research to prevent being underwhelmed. My sister also managed to source return tickets for the both of us for £23 and so with that our 9:33am train was booked. Woohoo! Lesson number two is to therefore book all necessary tickets in advance so you can travel as cheaply as possible as well as double checking public transport timetables to ensure you arrive promptly.

We reached London at 11:45am and after topping up our Oyster cards we headed to Burger and Lobster for lunch. My sister and I are big seafood eaters and I’ve only ever tried lobster in a risotto prior to coming to this restaurant to try it on its own. I was expecting to wait a long time for a table having read reviews about how busy the restaurant is but upon arrival, though there were no tables available, the waitress gave us a seat at the bar immediately. Initially, I was a bit reluctant about where we had been seated but the bar staff were so busy fulfilling orders that the worry of being stared at soon diminished. The food was nice, not amazing. I’m glad I came here since their restaurant chains are only available in the London area. I really liked the lemon and garlic butter sauce and the salad was surprisingly nice bearing in mind most salads tend to be used as tasteless garnishes. It was definitely a fiddly meal because you had to use your fingers. At one point my sister had to show me how to break the claw like she’d seen Jamie Laing do when he was eating a lobster leg in an episode of Made in Chelsea. Lesson number three would subsequently be to YouTube how to eat a lobster if you plan on dining at Burger and Lobster.


After lunch, we headed to Westminster. By this point it had started to rain and the wind was blowing forcefully; British weather at its finest! Lesson number four would advise to pick a sunny day however we live in England so the weather is always unpredictable.

I was insistent on getting pictures with London Eye and Big Ben as my backdrop because after all that is what every tourist does right? A big, big thank you to my sister is in order too because she photographed all my pictures and saved my hat from blowing away. Love her loads!! ❤



Once the rain eventually stopped, we continued walking and admiring all the scenic views. What I like about London is how multicultural it is – there’s something about hearing people speaking all sorts of different languages that I love. After walking around the Westminster vicinity, we made our way to Leicester Square. This was the only moment we got slightly lost because we didn’t know how to get to the Piccadally underground from where we were but we asked someone and were soon back on track. Lesson number five is to not be afraid to ask people for help. A lot of ticket officers in the underground stations, cleaners, bus drivers and people on their breaks are friendly enough to help.


bigbenAt Leicester Square we had planned to go to Haagen Daz for dessert but we decided against this when we reached because we were both still so full from lunch. Instead, we walked around Chinatown and admired all the theatre boards before making our way to Piccadilly Circus. In retrospect, I completely forgot about M&M World and experienced a Homer Simpson “doh” moment. Piccadilly was still a good exploration nonetheless.


Shortly after, we decided to visit Oxford Street because it was only one stop away and we still had plenty of time to kill. This brings me to the final lesson. There are ‘you are here’ maps located on almost every street so take a look at surrounding areas because there’s always something else to do if you want to pass time.

To finish, here is my obligatory outfit of the day taken at Whitehall Gardens.



Hat: Warehouse | Sunglasses: Forever 21 | Coat: Topshop | Turtleneck: New Look | Culottes: Primark | Shoes: Next

Until next time,

Fahmida x


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