Feel Fabulous in Faux Fur

Winter is all about wrapping up to stay warm and what better way to achieve that than with a touch of faux fur.


It’s got texture. It’s got body. It’s got movement.


And never mind fifty shades of grey, I feel like the various black tones work well to give the look its deep sassy appeal.



Before I finish, here’s a little anecdote.

Living in a small, quiet(ish) area means walking through my local town centre in such a bold outfit sometimes attracts attention, but the good kind of attention (I’d say so anyway). It can also make you feel overdressed however once you reach the busier city, you’ll actually feel slightly under-dressed when passing other fashion enthusiasts in the streets and shopping centre. So, when you’re feeling rubbish, try┬ádressing in a┬ánice outfit because it can really lift your mood for the day. I love my faux fur jacket!

Hat: H&M | Sunglasses: Rayban | Jacket: Apricot at New Look | Leggings: Missguided | Shoes: New Look

Photographer: Gareth Reed


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